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Our warm smiles accompanied by our traditional Sri Lankan greeting Ayubowan (May you have long life) said with head slightly bowed and palms together, welcomes you to our ancient land.

Waiting for you is an unforgettable exotic luxury travel experience and a lifetime of memories.

Sri Lanka boasts world-class luxury hotels, resorts, spas and villas, palm-fringed beaches, awesome ancient cities, misty, cool tea hills and mountains, delicious food, exotic spices, excellent shopping, nightlife and restaurants, diverse wildlife and bird species, the age-old art of Ayurvedic healing, and many adventure sports activities a splendid selection for any visitor like you.

You will meet our warm and friendly people as you travel and stay in luxury accommodation throughout Sri Lanka. The hospitality of our people will help you start lifetime friendships, with your driver, to your hotel staff, to a way-side shop keeper, a fisherman, to your Isle of Smiles travel staff. We are all waiting to show you Sri Lanka The Isle of Smiles.

So let us at Isle of Smiles show you our exotic tropical island of Sri Lanka The Isle of Smiles and introduce you to our warm, hospitable people. We will create an exclusive tour package exactly to your Sri Lanka travel needs and requirements.

Sri Lanka The Isle of Smiles is waiting for you.